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Legalization of companies

We will support your legal department throughout the process of formation of domestic or foreign companies.

Accounting and tax outsourcing

Specialized professionals that allows reduction of costs, profit maximization and solutions for companies.

Recruitment and selection

Find the best talent and reduce turnover rates. We have all HR solutions.

Financial BPO

We will do the work so that you may focus all efforts to your core business with security and peace of mind.

Individual income tax

Specialized advice to domestic and foreign individuals regarding the obligations of tax residentes in the country.


Services like: E-Social; Payroll; Benefit administration; Approvals.

Grupo Domini Companies

Domini Group has 8 companies specialized in advisory and market consulting, providing services in various areas.

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Do you know all that paperwork and costs to start a business? With Grupo Domini you don't have to worry about it.

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Bring your business accounting to Grupo Domini and enjoy all the benefits so you have no worries but to take care of your business.

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