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Business Law Firm with over 15 years of experience serving the labor, civil, tax and corporate areas.


With constant updates on changes in labor law, we work with preventive consultancy focused on decision making, avoiding costly and stressful actions, and litigation in judicial situations, offering defenses and executions.


We seek tax avoidance, the legal possibility of paying the lowest possible tax. We prepare tax consultations, advice on tax levies and advice on Tax Criminal Law. In addition, we defend our clients' interests in tax litigation, both in infraction notices and in recovery of values.


We work accurately on corporate issues through guidance on general credit securities and representation with public and private entities. We also propose actions to take back and fix responsibility and defend the client to the contrary.


Follow-up in Civil Law is paramount so that business activities are conducted with complete safety and legality. We protect the business partner with it’s civil and commercial liability issues, drafting and review of contracts and legal support in accordance with consumer protection legislation.

More than that, we believe that partnership between client and office offers the security and dynamism necessary to be the great differential that allows the solidification and growth of your company.

Lawyer Society

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